Don’t Consider Wealth As Health.

Many times it is conceived if a person has money then all problems are solved.. but is that the truth that the life has to offer? or the society has to offer?

People who long for money has a way looking at their struggles only solution to be money but the truth is if money wasn’t their struggle so will something else…Being a wealthy person isn’t the solution to majority problem as a wealth person straggles in a higher level but will not be visible to the rest because all they see is what they don’t have being in the wealthy hands.

So, the truth that I perceive out of all this is healthy with wealth or wealthy with health, either way there isn’t anyone with both in its pure state i.e you will never be wealthy and happy unless you were hardworking your struggle without judgments or complaints…

I would rather live healthy than wealthy…because i shall not fear that my health be taken away like my wealth may taken away…

Light from a broken heart is the survival for others than itself

A broken heart is the significance of  pain… but you heart is breaking open for something new…it should not be to limit you in life it should be written in the book of experiences and shared…life is like a candle n experiences r the fire..every time we r lite by fire we get hurt so we should stay lite n bring light to other ..don’t stay away from fire if it hurts channel the pain n blow up the flame into a brighter one.

Funny Way Of God Giving Us What We Want ?

She walked past the crowds on that new year fireworks & celebrations when couples were caressing , laughing  drinking to new year resolutions but then as she walked she saw him in the crowd .. She just wished why not this guy…God be fair n let me fall in love with a guy like him every morning as i wake up.. n i hope this guy would stick with me to make me fall in love with him n turn old together.She met with an accident that caused her to short term memory loss that new year night..they were drunk teenage guys n so thought the world no more she lived normal..


alarm rings and she wakes to a guy smiling at her with breakfast .. but she doesn’t remember…suddenly an audio play’s.. right after the alarm..Dear Ana god made your dream come true god gave you the guy from that new year night and he will make you fall in love with him every morning as he loves everything about you… n he says : i love you…so she smiles..

so her prayer to fall in love with the guy every morning came true….. Just funny things god does….sometimes a pain sometime it shows how strong love is….

That love exist’s if u choose to make it exist together!

All you need is to pray,believe and try….

To the couples trying…..n to the once who are confused and doubtful..

Be The Author Of Your Own Story …

 When you are asked to make choices…the result would be:  what is that i need the right or the wrong? And in the end you tend to short list it to either what would make the other people happy or yourself?… OR.. how can i use this decision to make myself happy without effecting anyone else? SO, then you start hunting for the applicable choice discussing with people trying to get it from peoples experience…But what we forget is that those experienced people have gone through several roads and we can use our mind to reach our destination not their mind to reach their destination.

We always knew what we wanted.. we are just afraid to make mistakes and find out… Take the risk if u know your not wrong or even if you have the slightest thought it will lead to happiness coz everybody deserves little happiness ! Because we already know the answers to our question! Let yourself do the decision making not another experienced person because only then what you speak would be a true story molded by your life experience and only that would gain you the joy of telling your story.

Don’t just keep reading and ask the experienced writers to write your story…Instead write your story and make them read it! Whats the fun if you cant be the author of your own story?

Doubt = Cowardice

If you doubt yourself then you doubt your choices..When you doubt your choice You doubt your life…Then you become a coward…So don’t doubt yourself. Make mistakes if its not purposefully… learn from it if the lesson is worth learning and being thought to others… Because one happy life= several experiments= being wise+knowing right & wrong when you go through the path repeatedly=increase in options & choices=more within yourself to be told to the world=help & motivation for others.. Just know : where? how? When? Why? & final results .